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Story Update - #1

Greetings and Hello -

For the past week I have been massively under the weather.  I'm talking pneumonia symptoms.  Horrible cough, hard to breath, not sleeping well, and just feeling like all around ass!

So, after suffering for most of the week, I decided to break out the story and work on my second draft.  After two days of typing and focusing on the story I have finally finished my second draft.  To say that I am pleased with it, makes me really happy.  It just shows me that I am one step closer to getting one of my dreams to come true - self-publishing a book.

I'm positing the cover that I have approved for the book and also a sample of what's to come.  I am super excited that after 25 years this story is finally going to see the lite of day.

Stay tuned for more!!!!

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