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Excelsior - True Believers...

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

There are few moments in ones life where you can look back and say, "that was the moment that would shape my future."

I have had three of those moments, meeting my wife, my best-friend, and of course the first time I ever heard the name Stan Lee.

I was watching a cartoon on Saturday Morning, eating a bowl of dry cheerios, drinking a glass of cold Apple Juice and enjoying being a kid. When all of a sudden this amazing red and blue hero shot a web out of his hand and swung into my life - it was Spider-man and his Amazing Friends. From that moment, I was hooked.

I had all the toys, the sounds and the feels that he gave to all of us at that age. And it was all thanks to the man whose voice I heard on that cartoon - Stan Lee. I wouldn't truly understand who Stan Lee was until I was about 8 years old and went to my first comic book store and my Dad bought me a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15. It was like giving heroine to a drug addict. From that moment on, I didn't want to read "real" books, all I wanted to do was devour this amazing stories. So many arguments with my mom about reading, but my dad would look at her and say, "at least he is reading something."

Stan Lee

From Middle School all through High School, Peter Parker and I had a lot in common. Bullied, picked on, outcast, ect...The only difference was that I didn't get bit by a radioactive spider, but I was able to read all of his amazing adventures.

Stan Lee introduced me to a world of flawed character who have the ability to look past other's flaws and find the strength to do what's right and know that with Great Powers comes Great Responsibility.

When I heard that Stan Lee passed away, I realized that my Grand-kids, my niece and a whole new generation wont know the man that in all reality was my childhood. I am so happy to have been around and to see Stan Lee become the man who he is now. I will forever be great-full to the man who created my favorite character of all time - Spider-man!

So, for the last time - so long True Believer - you will be missed!

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