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Does Aquaman - sink or swim??



As a comic book fan my entire life, I have really struggled with the way Warner Brothers and DC are handling their impressive line up of characters.  For a movie studio that actually owns 100% of their characters, they are way behind the times and you can see that in how fast they are pushing the stories.

I actually liked Man of Steel, was it my favorite superhero movie, by no means! But, for a different, darker take on the Superman Mythos, it was a good take. 


Batman v Superman, different story.  I have a lot of issues with that movie. 


Wonder Woman - I thought was an amazing movie and still, I have some serious issues with that movie as a whole.  

Suicide Squad - a decent try, but again, issues.

Then we get into Justice League!!! Let's just say that I have serious issues with this movie and I am currently writing up a breakdown on how I would have made this universe so much better.


But, this isn't about that...This is about the man that we were introduced to in Batman v Superman and one of the best parts of Justice League - Aquaman!


Let me first start off by saying, I like the character of Aquaman when he is given edge, and depth.  Look at the amazing run that Peter David did with the character.  Or look what Bruce Timm and his crew did with him on the Justice League Cartoon.  Or even more recently what Geoff Johns and Jim Lee did with him in their run of Justice League on the New 52.  


He is an interesting character and at the same time he can be a very tortured, anti-hero of a character.  What Jason Moma brings to the character is passion, you can see how much fun he has playing this character and that is something that the DCEU has been missing.  However, what that also means is that the writers once again don't know what they want to do with the character.  Do they want him to be a drunk, surfer?  Or do they want him to be a complete dumb-ass?  Or even yet, do they want him to be a warrior who does a Haka before a fight?  The character that they were trying to bring to life kept changing.  They didn't let Moma really find his legs (pun intented) to stand on and give the character the heart that he has to really make this the best DC Movie in years.


A lot of people have thought that this was going to be an origin movie for the character and in some regards it is, but the writers wrote this movie with the idea that the viewers know a lot about this character, and some of the supporting characters that surround him.  Mera, Vulko, Atlanna, Tom Curry, and even Atlan.  All of these characters are just given lines, and a little bit of back story.  But, you never really feel for them.


Honestly this movie is more of a origin story for Aquaman's 2 greatest foes - Black Manta and Ocean Master.  And to be honest - Patrick Wilson (Ocean Master) and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Black Manta) steal the movie!  They are amazing.  The way Patrick Wilson portrays a younger brother who feels betrayed by his mother and angry as his half-brother, its almost shakespearean in his delievery.  And Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is AMAZING!!! If there is a sequel I want it to just be Black Manta vs Aquaman.  He is great and the best villian to date for DC.  His hatred for Aquaman and why he does what he does is pitch perfect and on point.


What Aquaman lacks in story, it makes up with James Wan's incredible directing, amazing special effects as the incredible magic that they do to make it look like they are talking underwater.  I read this interview where Wan talked about how they flipped the script - dry is underwater and wet is on land.  And for this movie and for the ability for them to talk underwater instead of a stupid air bubble - PERFECT!!!!


With awesome fight scenes.  Incredible CGI and special effects.  Aquaman is a fun movie - but is it the best Superhero movie - NO.  Is it a good DCEU Superhero Movie - YES!!

A spoonful of sugar can't help this one...



A story that is filled with an amazing cast.  Some cool cameo's and some great throw backs, misses the mark in more ways than I can count.

First let me start by saying I love Mary Poppins.  One of my all time favorite Disney Movies growing up.  I love the sound track.  I love Dick Van Dyke, Julie Andrews and David Tomlinson.  They are fantastic in the movie.  The movie is filled with magic, love, smiles, and tears.  It even won 5 Oscars including Actress for Andrews, and Song for "Chim Chim Cher-ee"!  It is a fantastic Film!

So, what happened!  Why did Mary Poppins Returns fail!  

Emily Blunt is great as the main character - Mary Poppins.   Lin-Manuel Miranda is awesome as Jack, in a role that is very similar to Van Dyke's character in the first one.  Ben Whishaw and Emily Mortimer are perfectly pleasant as Michael and Jane Banks, the grown up version of the children from the first movie.  Meryl Streep is funny as Mary's Sister, Topsy.  Angela Lansbury, Dick Van Dyke all have great little camero's.  So, where is the problem.

The problem is in a few area's.  The story was weak - its a story of loss and moving forward.  But, it really never focus's on that.  It focus' on how children still have imagination and adults lose it.  When it should have been a story of how the children have to help their father heal his heart from the loss of their mother.  That does happen, but not how it seems like they want it to.

The songs are catchy, but not as memorable as "let's go fly a kite", "a spoon-ful of sugar" or my personal favorite, "step in time".  The best number of the whole movie is when Miranda does what he does best and does a lyric rhyme in the song, "a cover is not the book".  That whole number is neat and listening to Miranda do what he do is amazing!

Overall, if you have little kids its a fun family movie.  But, is it worth seeing on the big screen - nope!  A good DVD movie while home on a cold day!

An amazing true story with Doll's...

download (1).jpg


In a time where we read a lot of hate on the internet.  Or even see that racism is still strong and sometimes feels like its growing even stronger - a movie can come out that makes you feel so much love and sorrow for a character.  It makes you remember why we go to the movies and why we need these types of stories in our life.

Welcome to Marwen is based on the true story of artist Mark Hogancamp who was assaulted outside of a bar one night because he got drunk and said that he likes to wear women's shoes.  5 men then proceeded to beat him and leave him to die.  They beat him so bad that he lost all of his memories prior to the fight, and can no longer draw, paint, or even write his name. So, to help overcome his new handicap, Mark has created a WWII town in Belgium that he calls, Marwen - soon to be Marwencol, and uses dolls and a camera to recreate an amazing story and pay tribute those in the town that helped save his life.

Steve Carell is amazing at Hogancamp and Robert Zemeckis creates an amazing, heartfelt, touching story.

The cast is incredible.  The story is amazing.  So, why did it bomb at the box office - simple answer: AQUAMAN!!!  Had the studio waited or even dropped it sooner this movie would have all the money!!!

I would put this movie as one of my favorite movies of 2018.  A must see!!

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