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The Good/Bad - 2018 Movie List - Part 1

Where has the year gone? I mean seriously - 2018 is already gone and 2019 is on the horizon. We had some amazing films hit the cinema, and some duds! So, before we get excited for what 2019 holds - let's look back, let's look back at what 2018 gave us.

Before we get into the good. We are going to have fun and look at the top 10 films that I believe belong in the BAD Column of 2018. We are going to go in order and also do a little break down of why I put them in this column.

So, let's begin:

10: Rampage - this movie was something that I was really excited about. I loved the video game growing up and I am a HUGE fan of The Rock. But, what the movie could have been and what it was - not so much. If they would have kept the same idea, people turning into monstrous beasts and attacking a city, eating people and fighting the military till someone finds a cure to make them human again, I could have gotten on board for that. Still not as bad as some other movies that came out this past year so it's at #10.

9: Venom - this one hurts!! I love the character and I love the history he has with my favorite web-head. To give him a solo movie is awesome, but not before you introduce him the right way with Spidey. Tom Hardy does a fine job. And Venom looked good. I just wish they would have done a darker, harder tone to the movie and not tried to make it so funny - instead it became cheesy! #9

8: A Wrinkle In Time - I read these books when I was young. Saw the mini-series and the BBC Film. Was jazzed that they were making a new one and that Disney was doing it. However, it failed!!! BIG TIME!!! Was a film that if I had paid to see in the theater, I would have walked out and asked for my money back! NOT A GOOD FILM!!! #8

7: Incredibles 2 - Now, why is this on my 10 list. Let me start by saying its not what you think. This movie is awesome! I love the scene with Jak-Jak and the Raccoon. Best scene of the year. But, the issue is this: why did it take so long? and why does Brad Bird not have a Fantastic Four Movie Contract. That's why this movie is #7 on my list.

6: Ant-man & Wasp - this one is hard to swallow. It's a fun film, the issue is that is came out after Infinity War (more on this one later), so it felt weak after that film. If it would have come out prior or even at the end of the year, that would have maybe changed how I feel about this film. But, it didn't and so it's at #6

5: Red Sparrow - Jennifer Lawrence is amazing in this movie. The issue is that it just felt rushed. The whole idea is incredible and shows that you could make a really great Black Widow movie, but the chemistry wasn't there between the leads and the whole concept was not truly flushed out as a whole. #5

4: Pacific Rim: Uprising - wow...all I can say is wow...This is what happens when the creative mind behind the first one is not involved at all! Wow!!! #4

3: Solo - here we go...Now we are off the races. Solo - a movie that has people on lines of hate and love. I am still sitting here, typing this thinking of what to say. I will say is this - this movie could have been something special, and it is. But its also a hot mess! And the messiness out weights the special. #3

2: The Meg - I love shark movies!! LOVE THEM!! So does my wife. I read the book and the book was fun, but not fun enough to turn it into a movie. And a movie that really should have been scary and intense just makes you eat popcorn and look at your watch. Really disappointed in this movie, especially when you have the Shallows or even 47-meters Down that will really make your stomach knot up. #2

And my number 1 worst movie of 2018 - Mary Poppins Returns. You can check out my review on Reel Reviews, but the biggest problem with this movie is it just lacked magic.

Be sure to check out our post coming tomorrow for the Best 10 Movies of 2018...

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