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Episode 1 - ????? WHAT????


One of the things that I will start off by saying is that I am a fan of this show.  I did have issues with Season 1 of Titans, primarily due to the pacing of the episodes.  I felt as though the show dragged it's feet getting to where it wanted to go and then we have Season 2, Episode 1.

Where to begin.  First off - the title of the episode is called Trigon, and while I love the fact that we finally got to see Trigon in all his demonic glory, I felt as though they should have used this episode to finish up Season 1. 


Why didn't they just do a 2 hour finale?  They aren't having to pay bills by running ad's?  Its on their own "network".

The acting by Teagon Croft and Brenton Thwaites is great.  Their chemistry as friends while also showing a Little Sister trying to save her Big Brother is awesome.  But that is where the episode ends, until the very end!  

Season 2 Poster

The other Titans don't really have much to do in the scenes they are in, all they really do is make the "wrong choice" as Trigon says and he releases their "inner darkness to free them."

Once Raven defeats her father, very anti-climatic, that is when the episode really takes off and makes me excited for rest of the season.


Raven vs Trigon

With Trigon defeats, Dick takes Rachael, Gar, and Jason on a road-trip.  Where you ask?  Well, that is a great question.  Because the next scene is only Dick pulling up to Stately Wayne Manor to sit down and talk with, you guess it - Bruce Wayne, played by Game of Thrones vet Iann Glen, who in my opinion is perfect casting for the part.  He is an older Bruce Wayne, and he brings with it a different take on the character.  He feels a little more weathered, bitter in a sense, but the few moments that he is on scene you feel the love and brotherhood that Bruce and Dick have for each other.  Its really touching.

After Dick laments to Bruce about getting rid of the Darkness, they talk about the Titans and starting it over.  This creates a feeling of glee if you are a fan of Geoff Johns run on Titans.  Then seeing them walk through the tower, and see the suit room and the practice room, you feel as though something awesome is come!

And coming it is - DEATHSTROKE!  

Seeing Slade Wilson, played by Esai Morales, notice the Jason Todd Robin on the TV say, "Titans are back bitches" and the look on his face is priceless.  He is pissed off!!!

Then cut to him walking down into the "armory" with his friend Wintergreen as he tells him about trying to get the blood out of the suit, it creates that idea that Slade walked away and now he is back and he is really pissed off.

Overall, not the best episode to start off the season.  I would have rather setup Deathstroke at the end of season 1 and let's start off fast and grab us right off the bat with episode 1 of season 2, but I trust in Johns and will give them the benefit of the doubt.

RATING: 2.5/5 - not horrible but not great!!!

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