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After last weeks episode - TRIGON, I felt as though it was going to be another slow start for this season of Titans.  BOY WAS I WRONG!!! Episode 2, perfectly titled, ROSE, is what I wish season 1 would have done.

The action started at the beginning and it didn't let up.

The Easter Eggs - WOW...

And the introduction to a new villian!! OMG!!!

Now, where to begin...Let's begin at the Tower:

Jason and Gar are sparring, and Jason, being Jason, is cocky, and blindfolded.  After he matches Gar hit for hit, Gar finally gets a great wack in on him, with his back turned, and Jason and Gar start bickering like a family.  Which in reality, that's what this show is all about.  It's about family.  Dick even mentions it to Rachael later on in the episode when they are talking about what do with Rose.  But, I jump ahead.

Jason finally get's Dick aside and asks him when he go to back to Gotham, and Dick flat out tells him that he isn't ready and Bruce doesn't think he is ready.  He then goes on to talk about Jason stealing the Batmobile, joy riding in the house on the motorcycle, all of these things that Jason did in the comic books - so that was a really good nod to the history of the character.

As Dick starts to see that Jason is not really feeling being at Titans Tower (AWESOME) he starts to play to Jason's HUGE ego.  Saying that the other members look to him.  They follow his lead.  When he is on point they are.  He has the experience since he is Robin.  As Dick walks away Jason turns and looks at Dick, "If I'm Robin.  Who are you?"  Dick smiles and says, "I don't know!"  This made me grin from ear to ear as they are setting up - NIGHTWING!!!!  BRING IT ON!!!!

While all of this is going on we jump back and forth to Wyoming where Hank and Dawn have retired and Hank is no sober and helping other people get sober on a ranch.  Dawn is super proud of him and they have a spark of romance, but then Hank wakes up in the middle of the night and Dawn is gone.


Where?  Where else - to take down a meth-lab dress as Dove.  When she gets back they have a little argument and that's when shit hits the fan.  An old enemy of the Titans breaks out of jail and starts his attack.


Who am I talking about - none other than DOCTOR LIGHT himself!  In this version he is a meta-human and badass.  The way he attacks is by charging a friend of Hanks and causing him to explode form the inside out.


After his attack, Hank calls Dick and lets him know Dr Light has escaped and is coming for them.  They are now headed to Titans Tower.

Meanwhile, we also catch up with Donna Troy and Kory who are on a stake-out hunting for another meta-human called SHIMMER.  This is a great interaction as they are picking on each other for not being 100 % human, and taste in music.  Its a great scene for these two characters.

Doctor Light charging after his escape

Once Shimmer shows up, the fight is over very quickly.  The coolest thing about this whole scene is that Donna mentions ROY HARPER gave her the Intel on Shimmer, and we get to see her use the lasso on Shimmer during the fight.

The fact that Roy Harper, aka Arsenal, was mentioned makes me wonder - will we see Roy in later episodes?? I hope so!


Donna Troy using the lasso while fighting Shimmer

After the fight we see Donna and Kory decide to go get Taco's.  Donna gets a call and tells Kory that she will meet her at the Taco Truck.  As Kory walks towards the truck a man calls her name and steps out of the shadows.  His eyes go green and Kory asks who else came for her.  He says only him, and she rebuffs saying they should have sent more, as she does this the guy pulls out a device that looks like an alien taser and hits Kory with it.  She goes down and the guy says, "I'm sorry your Highness." 

She is gone when Donna gets there and before she can do anything her phone rings again and this time we here Dawn say, "Donna we have a problem."  Referring to Doctor Light.

Those are the stories that are starting to bring us to the main event!!!!  And that is - ROSE WILSON!!


Rose Wilson fighting Cops

The namesake of the episode is, lets just put it on front street, a total BADASS!!!!!  We first meet Rose as she steals a car is being pursuit by cops.  It becomes a full-fledge chase with it ending on top of a parking deck.  She takes out the cops with ease then jumps off a 7-story parking deck into a board room.

Dick sees this and goes to find her, when he does she is passed out and injured.  Cut to, her waking up in Titan Tower completely healed - minus her missing eye.

After some back and forth she tells Dick she is running and that she can't stay.  Her being there will get them all killed, but she still wont tell him his name.  Dick in the meantime calls Bruce Wayne and they have a great interaction about the past and him taking Dick in.  During this call Dick asks Bruce, "if you had the chance, would you do it again?"  Bruce doesn't hesitate, "I would do it exactly the same."  This shows how much Bruce truly cares for Dick and Dick understands that now.

Dick takes Rose out for coffee and explains to her who Gar, Rachel and Jason are and that she is like them.  She still doesn't want to stay so Dick hands her a cellphone with his number in it just in case she needs help.  Before she can get out of the car, Doctor Light attacks and they get out just in time.

While they are out, Jason and Gar have found Rose's old bandage and do a DNA Scan to figure out who she is.  When the computer makes a match the name ROSE WILSON pops up and so does her dad - SLADE WILSON.  As Gar says this Jason's eyes go wide and he says, "no way...DEATHSTROKE!"

This episode was amazing!!!  It is setting up a crazy season and I am in 100%.  I would highly recommend getting DC Universe because if this is how the rest of the season is going to be it's going to blow season 1 away!

Rating: 4 out 5...Keep it up DC!!!!!  See you next week!!!

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