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Sorry for the delay.  It has been a crazy couple weeks.  So, before I go any further, let's get into this Episode of Titans.  Going to keep this one short and sweet!!!

Episode 3 is titled GHOSTS...

The reason for this title is because not only is the team going up against Doctor Light, but the original Titans also learn from Dick that he is harboring Rose Wilson, Deathstroke's wayward Daughter.  We see at the beginning that Deathstroke is the one who broke Doctor Light out of prison for the sole purpose of taking out the team.

We also see that the "new" team is also starting to get fractured due to the fact that Jason Todd feels like Dick is leaving him out of the fight.  This tension starts to really show after the team loses Doctor Light and Hank gets hurt from a direct blast.  As Jason confronts Dick, he turns his back, balls up his fist and swings at Dick.  Dick, kicking into defense, slams Jason into the ground.  Feeling regret he tries to help Jason up but is quickly rebuffed by Jason.

jason todd.jpg

Jason Todd getting ready to face Dr. Light

Jason quickly convinces Gar to go with him to find and capture Dr. Light so he can prove to Dick that he can do what Dick can't do.

As they start looking for Dr. Light, Jason decides they need to split up, causing Jason to find Dr. Light.  As the fight start, Jason does not do very well, until Light begins to taunt him.  Once Jason gets back into his groove he begins to loose control and beats Dr. Light into unconsciousness.

As Jason starts to get up, we hear a noise from behind him. Jason gets up and we see Deathstroke walking out of the shadows.

We don't see anything, instead we cut to Gar looking for Jason and then we hear Jason scream.  Gar yells out for him and takes off running.  When he gets to the location of where Jason was all we see is blood and no Jason, no Deathstroke and no Dr. Light.

Now, Deathstroke has Jason and the hunt begins!!


Deathstroke getting ready to fight Jason

Meanwhile, Dick is working with Rose on her training and as they talk she tells Dick that she is trying to kill her father because he killed her Brother.

Also during this the "original" Titans are not happy with Dick that he is keeping Rose in the Tower as Deathstroke is going to come for her.  We also learn that Deathstroke is the reason the Titans broke up and shut the tower down.  

While this is going on, Rachel is going thru problems trying to control her powers so she calls Kory, who is in the process of being taken back to her home-world she she can rule as their Queen.  She doesn't want the crown, she wants to be free, but her sister - BLACKFIRE - wants her back.  After she decides to stay and help Rachel, she is warned that more will come for her.

After this episode the story is just getting better and better!!!

Rating: 4.5/5 - FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!

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